SUP yoga

ishigaki island has a fun SUP community, living by the tides and the wind. We had perfect weather today, the blues and greens showed off.

Sculpt a Shisa lion dog

Rinka is the only potter in Ishigaki island using a Noborigama, a wood fired climbing kiln to fire his work. It takes a great amount of work and time to produce work.

Visit a local craft market

Ishigaki has many local craft markets. Yakimono matsuri, the Ishigaki pottery festival, takes place at the end of the year. Japan is the place for handmade pottery.

Join the Ishigaki marathon

Several sports events are organized in Ishigaki. Many locals, Japanese as well as foreigners like to join these events and experience the positive vibe and stunning nature.

Visit a local designer

Fashion designer Yasutake Ikeshiro is inspired by the magical surroundings of Ishigaki island. Ancient rooftops, fruits, ocean life and poetic moments of nature are featured in his stunning designs.

Bike around the island

Today`s sunset was stunning! Because of mountainous areas, cycling around Ishigaki by road bike is the best. A challenge for the experienced cyclists. Pottery bike rental.

Go fishing

The beautiful ocean around Ishigaki has so much to offer.

Hike up mount Mape

Today I hiked up Mount Mape and had one of the best views ever. Ishigaki has several mountains and hills to climb, some are challenging and some are easy. Mount Mape is in the middle of that.

Eat local cuisine

There is Japanese soba and there is Ishigaki soba. The first is made of buckwheat, the second is made of flour.

Explore the mangroves by kayak

The magical mangroves are a habitat for birds, fish, crabs and plants. A sensitive place we should all cherish and take care of.

Learn to play the Sanshin

The Sanshin, which means three strings, is a local music instrument. Traditionally made of snake skin. My teacher today, the famous Hiromi Kinjo is such a kind personality and great teacher.

Learn about Minsa weaving

Indigo (ai) dyeing is famous all over the world by dyeing enthusiasts and fabriclovers. In Ishigaki the ancient way of fabric dyeing and weaving still exists.

Visit Angama festival

I had the chance to see how local Ishigaki people celebrate and perform the traditional Angama dance during the Bon festival. Such a special moment. I heard drums slowly moving towards the house.

Cook like a local

Japanese cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. Fresh and natural ingredients are prepared by skilled chefs.

Spot the magnificent Manta rays

The almost ghostly but utterly beautiful Manta rays live around Ishigaki island. We learned they take a `bath` at their own preferred `cleaning station` for the removal of parasites.