Sculpt a Shisa lion dog

Rinka is the only potter in Ishigaki island using a Noborigama, a wood fired climbing kiln to fire his work. It takes a great amount of work and time to produce work. Twice a year he`s firing the Noborigama. He also fires ...

Visit a local craft market

Ishigaki has many local craft markets. Yakimono matsuri, the Ishigaki pottery festival, takes place at the end of the year. Japan is the place for handmade pottery. Potters here learned from teachers all around Japan and abroad. Find beautiful handmade ceramics from ...

Visit a local designer

Fashion designer Yasutake Ikeshiro is inspired by the magical surroundings of Ishigaki island. Ancient rooftops, fruits, ocean life and poetic moments of nature are featured in his stunning designs.

Attend a local craft workshop

Had so much fun with this workshop in the beautiful, natural environment and friendly people of Yachimunkan. Here they try to keep local crafts alive by giving workshops and work together with local craftsmen. Their shop is also a must visit with ...

Learn about Minsa weaving

Indigo (ai) dyeing is famous all over the world by dyeing enthusiasts and fabriclovers. In Ishigaki the ancient way of fabric dyeing and weaving still exists. Thanks to a few people who keep the traditional craft alive.